Concept, Choreography & Dance: Anani Sanouvi (Togo) / Miri Lee (South Korea)

Music: Bong Kyo Lee (South Korea)

Artistic Advisors: Christiane da Cunha (Brazil), Jong Kag Park (South Korea)

Light designer: Peter Castelijn, Roland van Ulden
Co –Production: Dansmakers Amsterdam
Length: 20 min


is an investigation through sound, memories, dreams,
fantasies, movement, body and emerged as a mutual visit between two strong traditional cultures of dance in a contemporary context.

“The Sweetness of a starving Lion in love with the beauty of the lightness of a feather.

The bird has been forbidden to stand on the back of a floating heavy hippopotamus to feed himself. No way to throw up, to swallow, to get out. The crocodile and the porcupine night’s falls. The beauty of the inner strength of a bear’s fur in the winter, is in passionate love affair, with the sensuality of the aerial movement of a blue oriental veil under the torrid sun.”

Through out this work I had a strong belief that using my experience of combining Korean traditional dance and contemporary dance helped me to draw on sources of both ancient and culture about the body from eastern and western .
I was fascinated African traditional dance from dancer, Anani, We both inspired from different culture to feel and learn during the creating process.
We do is based on pure body movement, sense and how the presence of the dancer can create a physical empathy with an audience with tension.