Miri Lee's works focused on the performing art in the scene of the contemporary visual art, science art, film, music and the theater.
She researches to integrate the images aligned with the sound/music and body which can evoke the visceral volumes of the connection and embodiment of a sensuous interaction in psychological and physical space of the artistic languages, about 'Being in time' in the space. The important interest as the axis is the real state in-between 'What to choose the possible' and 'What to be chosen in here' in alerted intuition, the identity as a performer and maker simultaneous in hyperstimulated environment.
She is a contemporary dancer and performance maker, currently movement teacher(School for new dance department, SNDO) based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

She began training in traditional Korean dance in 1988 and she hold a bachelor degree in dance and master degree in dance education in Seoul.
In 2005, she initiated a media dance theater company called 'Plastic Zoo' with director Jong Kag Park and presented performances as a choreographer or dancer in Korea

In 2008, she moved to Amsterdam where she joined an improvisation music-dance umbrella group called 'Magpie' directed by Katie Duck founded in 1995. She has performed numerous improvisation performances with dancers and musicians: Katie Duck, Julyen Hamilton, Oene van Geel, Alfredo Genovesi, Colin Mclean, Andy Moore, Kenzo Kusuda, Sylvain Meret, Lily Kiara and Jack Gallagher and places in Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium, US, UK, Austria, Brazil and Korea. In 2009 she participated in "Julidans Artist Lab" as a young choreographer. She was selected by 'Julidans Festival, 2011' to present the piece “Poetry” as a choreographer with Anani Sanouvie (Togo) at Melkweg theater in Amsterdam.

Since 2011, She collaborate a substantial working relationships with visual artist Jennifer Tee, The projects focused on performance with visual installations such as 'Women's Mind' solo performance at ISCP residency program in New York, 2011 and created together with Marjolein Vogels ‘Star-Crossed’ at Stedelijk Museum, 2013 and 'Rugs and Bones' at La Loge in Brussel, 2014 'Concrete interior' at Cobra Museum, 2015  'What People Do For Money' Manifesta 11 in Zurich, 2016 'Let it come down' at Camden art Centre in London and Bonner Kunstverein in Bonn, 2017.

She collaborated the organisation such as a Steim, Dablab in London in european Metabody project and 'Dissense' with the artists Chris and Tez in Todays art festival in Denhaag, 2017.

She performed as a performer in ' STILL – The Economy of Waiting' 'Scupting fear' directed by Julien Hetzel in varied festivals in Europe in 2014 to 2016

At the moment, She researches to develop her own choreographic methodology,
'Imprography' to create the performance and also focused on the film in plastic zoo project and experimental live setting performance with different fields of artists.