Chris Salter + TeZ

Todays Art Festival




Dissense is a live performance for a solo performer and 50 audience members.
The work revisits composer Alvin Lucier’s groundbreaking 1965 composition Music For Solo Performer in which Lucier, equipped with an early EEG device, activated a series of percussion instruments using his brain’s Alpha waves.

Dissense expands and updates Lucier’s work by exploring the transferring of sensations from performer to audience.
Equipped with a range of body-based sensors (heartrate, respiration, EEG, electrical signals from the muscles), the performance artist Miri
Lee unleashes a minimal composition of sound and light from her physiological signals by way of extreme micro-movements – almost unnoticeable gestures and actions which, over time, grow
larger and more intense. As the performance develops, the performer’s body signals not only influence the visual and acoustic environment but are also transferred directly onto the bodies of the audience.
The performer and audience thus become the test subject of a new kind of collective experiment in
sensation at a distance.

Concept/Direction/Composition :Chris Salter + TeZ

Creating Performance :Miri Lee

Sensing/Electronics/Software :Joseph Plazak

Artistic Collaborator :Garrett Lockhart

Vibropixel Technology :Ian Hattwick

Co-Production: Todays Art and xmodal/Montréal


With the support

 The Fonds de recherche du Québec 
Société et culture (FRQSC)
Speculative Life Cluster/Milieux Institute for Arts

Culture and Technology @ Concordia University, Montréal.