Oct 19
Tropical, Objects, Turns
performance in the workshop # 1
visual artist Aram Lee, Miri Lee(Performance) 
at Framer Framed gallery
in Amsterdam

Oct 24
Improvisation performance
Pau Sola Masafrets (cello)
Philipp Ruttgers(piano)
Oene van Geel(Vilola)
Miri Lee (Dance)
at Stock Club 

Nov 13
Colletief Imprography # 3 
Curated by Remco Menting and Miri Lee
performance with Miri Lee, Irina Vainio(dance) 
Timon Koomen (Electronic guitar)
Mark Niuwenhuis (Trumpet)
Remco Menting(Drum and Percussion)
Lighting Ellen Knoop
at OT 301 
in Amsterdam 

Dec 5
Improvisation performance
with composer Philipp Ruttgers(piano) 
Oene van Geel(Vilola)
Miri Lee (Dance)
at Tivoli Vredenburg
in Urecht 

Dec 11
Trans / Code - Livecoding 
performance presentation
Collaboration work with artist
Marije Baalman
Miri Lee (Dance)
Jonathan Reus 
Maya Fridman(Cello)
at iii 
in Denhaag

Dec 12
Collaboration work with composer Lam Lai 
In Bloom 3rd Edition
"If performer becomes part of the space, what are we seeing exactly?
Choreographer Miri Lee and composer Lam Lai use movement and live electronics to create multiple variety of voids in the hall."

at Korzo 
in Denhaag 

Dec 13
NY # 41, creating the performace
inspired by the poet Bhanu Kapil and Dolores Dorante, 
Miri Lee (Dance) with
composer Kate Moore
, Margret Wibmer (costume)  
at Perdu theater
in Amsterdam 

Jan 7th ‘ Colletief Imprography # 4 - Co-session, curated by Oene van Geel and Miri Lee performance with Julyen Hamilton, Paolo Cingolani, Christian Guerematchi, Miri Lee, Oene Van Geel /viola, Pau Sola Masafrets /cello, Setareh Nafisi /piano, Morris Kliphuis /horn and Light/ Ellen Knops at Spendor, Amsterdam