Imprography spring workshop

30 May - 2 June 2018

The Imprography workshop
encourages dancers to build the self-directed expression which is based on their artistic experiences.

This intensive course emphasizes the insight with the Eye, the awareness of the body in versatile and the capability to see as the maker at every moment. 
This method can make the creative choices with the intuitive sense and decisions of the performer interacted by the inspiration of the sound and space in real time.

We aim to explore that the sound and body resonate and the materials that are made from this are continuously transformed and developed.

It is evoked as the visual images of the body, therefore these abstract dialogues are layered, accumulated and observed with the breathing.

The sessions lead the dancer as the 'Creator' spontaneously, which will penetrate the level, speed and direction of the body in the space.
so we will practice the dynamic pattern & flow to be precisely expressed with live music or sound.

I am looking for dancers and performers who wish to develop their performance skills and spend exploring the body works in relation to a group or individual.

I want to research together with the artists who are willing to discover and refine their own movement languages that begin out of curiosity aroused in the Unknown as well as the ones who want to keep the pace with the progressive changes in the contemporary performance Art, nowadays.

Imprography videos

Imprography workshop 2017


Dancers wanting to enrich their performance skills. This workshop intends for more experienced dancers, movers and performers. Maximum 15 participants per day

30th/wed May - 2nd/sat June

4 days full course €160, 1 day  €50

The Belcampo Loft in De Hallen Hannie Dankbaarpassage 10, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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