‘Imprography’ is the title I am currently using to represent my research in performance art.

Imprography is the way I wish to describe constant physical writing that I use improvisation to tone an insight of body with an alert intuition in time.

Through the experiences in diverse performative platform; choreography, improvisation, collaboration with visual art and film, my research was focused on developing a methodology that how the movers are able to consider the intuitive choices whilst sustaining the tension in real-time performance.

The questions address how the body presence/expression being active in the context of the moment while maintaining clarity with spatial choices, how to give instant shape to a intend thoughts that generated by the perception to the movement.

The Imprography work needs to happen with an efficacy that is consequential of the sound, light and the space.

I integrate music, either live or recorded by musicians whom I have worked with.

The work pursues the quality of the raw or nature in spontaneous expression beyond boundary of restriction and precision in the moment.

The creating process emphasis on the awareness, decisions in rational mind, focusing on communication that is relevant to the moment in which it is created, developing material that is included the inspiration to react by body to body, the quickness of response in sharpness and the widening visual perspective with the eye.

The vitality of the movement that is enhanced by the fact that performers are making choices in live time while simultaneously executing the performance.

This research can evolve to progressive way for the creativity of the performance with the different medium in the contemporary art of today.